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random crashes during heavy data transfers


I experience for some time now random crashes on my otherwise stable
netwinder setup (Debian 3.0, kernel 2.4.19-rmk7-nw1). The transfers
are between two netwinders connected to a switch (100 mbit ports).

This only happens during 'big' data transfers. I already accepted that
NFS is the cause for this problem, but now I even cannot transfer
several gigs by ftp reliably.

After some time during the transfer (after several gigs are transferred)
the client machine hangs.

Unfortunately no error message can be found on the serial console.

Is there a way to investigate this further?

Is it possible to decide whether it is a hardware issue (heat, bad RAM)
or a software issue (bugs in DMA driver, tulip driver etc.)

Does anybody have similar problems with heavy transfer load on a netwinder
running Debian?


Stefan Wuerthner                             web  http://wuerthner.dyndns.org

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