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tcl8.2 missing so build failed - change sbuildrc?

My package therion failed to build on arm because it needs tclsh, and the
buildd tried to use tcl8.2 to supply that dependency, but it was 'not

The use of tcl 8.2 as opposed to 8.3 or 8.4 is specified in sbuildrc according 
to the log at:

Other arches use newer tcl releases. Is there any good reason why the arm
config is specifying 8.2?

And why is 8.2 missing - has it been removed from sarge or is this a
temporary failure? If this is a temporary blip can someone just prob the
buildd to try again, if not then perhaps changing the sbuildrc favoured
version is due and then prod it to rebuild.

I assume I don't have the authority to do this myself?


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