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Re: Debian testing/unstable on RiscPC ?

Am Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2004 00:24 schrieb Philip Blundell:
> Yes, partly.  StrongARM RiscPCs have always had a bit of an identity
> crisis; the core advertises itself as ARMv4, and does implement that
> architecture, but the memory system won't cope with halfword accesses so
> those instructions are unusable.  Effectively, it's reduced to an ARMv3M
> kind of level.  The kernel used to have some hack to fudge the visible
> architecture value in this situation, but it might have gotten lost.

Kernel 2.6.0-rmk2 reports a correct set of features in /proc/cpuinfo: "swp 
26bit fastmult", and does not report "half". It does, however, advertise the 
processor architecture as "v4l". I should probably generate a patch.

Peter Teichmann

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