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strange network problem after kernel upgrade


I finally managed to install a 2.4 kernel on my netwinder (Debian 3.0).
I used the precompiled 2.4.19-rmk7-nw1 package from netwinder.org and
installed it manually.

On my LAN everything works fine (smb, ftp, telnet etc.).

But I failed to get a connection to a host on the other side of my router
(NetBSD 1.5/ipfilter).

Oddly enough ping to e.g. www.debian.org works, but ftp to ftp.debian.org 
fails (connection timed out), http to www.debian.org fails (unable to
connect to remote host) etc.

(BTW all works fine from another netwinder (2.2.19) with the same setup
connected to the same router).

Is there a firewall rule precompiled in this kernel which denies outgoing
traffic on some ports?

Any ideas?


Stefan Wuerthner                             web  http://wuerthner.dyndns.org

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