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Re: recommended kernel version for Netwinder?

Stefan Wuerthner wrote:
Which is the 'recommended' kernel version for a Netwinder running Debian 3.0?

Currently I'm using the precompiled standard kernel (2.2.19) from debian.org.

Are there any advantages/pitfalls in performing an update to either


or even


I don't know about 2.6 but the last kernel deb package that I made was
for 2.4.19; I mainly decided to ditch the default Debian 2.2 kernel
because I wanted to use iptables (and Freeswan). I did that a while ago
and haven't experienced any problems so far.

Linux bug 2.4.19-netwinder #1 Thu Mar 20 03:14:34 CET 2003 armv4l

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