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Re: debian-installer anyone?

In message <003001c3c621$23029ca0$c900000a@WinPC>
          "Wim C. Timmer" <wim.timmer@planet.nl> wrote:

> Message: Fatal server error:
> xf86EnableIOPorts: Failed to set IOPL for I/O
> X connection to: 0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)
> Did I something wrong? Or is it a real error?
> Before I tryed to install Debian ArmLinux "Woody" I installed the
> Aleph One version 2.2 with minor problems.
> Do I need to go back to the Aleph One version or is there a rescue for me?
> Maybe I am too old for this stuff! (70) but I like it. ;-))

This is a known problem, for which I've submitted a fix.  Until a new
package is built, you could try this XFree86 binary, which should work
equally well on a RiscPC:


Also, the comments about colours and speed do not apply to RiscPC.

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