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Re: debian-installer anyone?


I've got several ARM boards laying around,
EP7111( EDB 7111-2 Rev B), SA-1110 and ATmel AT91 R40807 (arm7 core)
I think the uClinux kernel, is used on the Atmel. Hopefully, the SARGE
version, uses a 2.6 kernel so the uClinux ports are merged?
I'm having trouble finding the latest kernel information on
various Arm architectures...

I have some time, but, first I think Ineed to use Debian Installer
on an Pentium system, to get familiar with it.

I have not been able to find floppies for Debian Installer. My abiliy
to burn CD's is not consistent, so I usually use the flopply-2-remote
method. Does Debian install still support installation across the
net (ftp active/passive)?

The "how to" page for Debian installer:

gives this error message:
/debian-installer/doc/INSTALLATION-HOWTO: unknown location

Correct information will allow me to get familar with Debian Installer,
and test several Arm boards, after gaining some experience
on a Pentium installation, with SCSI.

Ideas and information is most welcome.


Adam C Powell IV wrote:

On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 15:13, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Adam C Powell IV]

Just wondering if anyone's tried ARM yet; if not, I might give it a go
on my Netwinder...
I'm not aware of anyone working on d-i for ARM yet.  I look forward to
your progress reports.


Just after the initial post, I looked at the d-i webpage, and noticed
that someone named Vince (forgot the last name and am offline, sorry)
has made a kernel-image udeb with which d-i boots, and is being
sponsored by Othmar.  Is this udeb available somewhere?


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