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Re: Suggestions for how ARM Ltd could help Debian?

On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 06:07:43PM +0000, Wookey wrote:

> Do we have people who could free up more time for this stuff is someone paid
> them to do it? But would that be devisive - with someone get paid and most
> of us not. Any better ideas?

The perl community has been running development grants for about 9
months now, for projects where funding of $2000-$4000 would help.
We've just been able to give a few more - the press is here:


and more details on the previous grants round is here:


Such a scheme seems to be a reasonable way to avoid "unfairness" as anyone
can apply, and projects are judged on merit (roughly value for money, "would
it get done without a TPF grant" and suchlike)
Problem is that it takes (a) reasonably regular supply of money
(b) admin to collate calls for proposals, work with the proposer to get them
into shape, move money to the proposer, etc

> Faster build/test hardware (e.g. a couple of Iyonix boxes - 600Mhz Xscale
> with Hard drives)? Would that help?

I think so. My impression is that the current build daemons can get behind.
Having 1 or 2 fast machines which can also be used by Debian developers to
log in and investigate bugs on the ARM platform would seem to be a good
time/money trade off - presumably currently the fastest machines are
1/3rd of the speed?

> Maybe paying for some time spent on getting DI or embedded debian into
> better shape. That would almost certainly speed things along a little.

Is embedded debian more likely to appeal for handhelds and other such
devices? (I get the impression that portable devices are the majority
users of ARMs)

Nicholas Clark

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