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Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: Latest Debian package (-11)

Greetings!  There seems to be a problem compiling axiom on arm:


This build has been of particular interest to axiom upstream, as it
opens the possibility of running axiom on a pda (zaurus, right?)

I had a build going on debussy to investigate, but the machine
apparently went down over the weekend.  Furthermore, the unstable
chroot there appeared a bit out of date. gcc was at ~3.2 AFAICR, and
there were two compilation errors showing up on my by-hand build which
do not appear in the autobuilder logs with the more up to date

I can obviously wait until debussy comes back up and install the
newest compiler locally in my home directory.  Its just that this
build takes days to complete, so I'd like to use a stable machine with
the latest toolchain to avoid wasting time.  rameau and europa are
reserved for buildd only, right?  Don't have an account on elara, so
don't know about this.

In sum, I'm looking for

1) build machine advice from those in the know
2) comments on the nature of the build failure in the above log.  I
   can't tell if the process just died with no error output (which
   I've never seen before), was too slow for the timeout threshhold,
   or was in an infinite loop.  I don't suppose the output of the
   buildd up to the point of failure is stored anywhere?  That would
   be ideal.

Take care,

root <daly@idsi.net> writes:

> > 2) I lost contact with my arm machine during the build, but it looks
> >    as though at most there might be problems compiling one or two
> >    algebra files.  The build will take days to complete on this arch,
> >    but apparently this will give us axiom on a pda.  (Will anyone use
> >    axiom there?)
> I'll certainly use it there. It may take longer than you think to build.
> I've had a build going for 3 days (so far) on a 166Mhz pentium. 
> It would be best to start by copying an already built src and int
> directories, (tar them from a working system and untar them to the new
> system) creating a blank obj and mnt directories, and then typing
> make. The int directory should contain only machine-generated,
> machine-independent files and it caches a lot of work (like generating
> the lisp code from the spad files and the spad code from the pamphlet
> files as well as the doc files).
> The obj directory is machine-generated, machine-specific files (e.g.
> C compiles, lisp to .o files, etc) will be regenerated as will the 
> mnt directory. 
> If this doesn't work somewhere please send me the tail of the console
> output and I'll fix it. As Axiom continues to grow it is important
> to keep this functionality stable.
> > 
> > 
> > 4) Building the package takes a long time on some systems, but ppc,
> >    alpha, and ia64 have recently successfully completed my latest
> >    upload.  Given earlier results, I don't expect any difficulties
> >    from mips(el), hppa, sparc, and s390 (thanks Gerhard for clearing
> >    the gcc compiler bug here!)  In principle, arm and m68k should be
> >    fine too, but as these machines are rather slow and less exercised
> >    in the areas we're using, may give us a few surprises.
> You mentioned that two algebra files failed to compile. That's strange
> as all of the files compile here. Is there some resource limit that
> gets hit?
> > 

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