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   Dear Sir/Madam,
  I am an undergraduate of the university of Barcelona in Spain,28 years old and a student of enviromental design in the above institution.My aim of writting you is to seek your assistance for a very important and confidentials matter as regards my life and future.I am from a polygamous home and my father is a very rich man from the country of Zimbabwe.My father married two wives,mum being the senior wife gave birth to only me,while my step mother has (5)children.Unfortunately, in september 2002,I lost my father who died in a ghatly motor accident in Harere the capital city,on his way from his business trip.With my father demise,it had been a lot of problem from my family and my father immediate relations including my step mother and her children,all scrambling for my fathers wealth.

 I am just back from my country to Spain and it was a very fortunate travel for me.I got hold of my fathers safe(which belong to me as the first son)and inside it,I got a list of his assets and finances,but the one of interest to me is a legacy left behind for me.In it he sign me as his next of kin in the money he lodge with a bank. This money total a whopping sum of us$18,600,000.00(Eighteen million,six hundred thousnd U.S Dollars).This money was deposited with a strict instruction,that upon his death,the money should only be release to me on presentation of a foreign investor.
With regards to this,and my inexperience to financial matters,
especially as to a huge amount of this magnitude,I hereby seek your assistance to help me in receiving and transfer of this money into your account,in your country.After the tranfer,I intend to come to your country where i will live after my graduation from school in all i need your sincerety and trustworthy in assisting me not only in taking this into your account but to help me investing this money into a lucrative business of your choice.
 You will be adequately compensated  with a percentage of this amount which is negotiable.I also intend to set out 5% of the total sum for any expenses involved in the tranfer of this money,in respect of the above,if you are ready and willing to assist me,I want you to get back using this email;williamseddy@rediffmail.com I will also want you to state the percentage you intend to accept for your effort.I await your reply and human effort to assist me.

 Best regards,


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