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Re: dpkg segfaults with 8MB + swap...

> > I'm trying to install Woody on an 2.4.21 based ARM system with
> > 8MB ram and a 256MB swap partition (using the debootstrap +
> > network method).
> >
> > I get through the base system OK (very slow due to excessive
> > swapping) but after that apt-get install <almost anything>
> > causes dpkg to segfault (seems to happen as the amount of
> > swap space used matches the amount of physical memory ?).
> Linux no longer needs the swap to match teh physical , swap is
> simply an extension of main memory, tho it is a good idea to
> have enough backing store for all physical pages present.

So why the segfault ??

With 8MB physical + 256MB of swap, I would expect traversing the dependancy trees etc to slow to a crawl but not to crash.

Does this look like a kernel/HW problem (ie data corruption caused during the swapping process) or a bug in dpkg ??


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