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Help - I'm in llseek hell...

I think I made a big mistake today... 

I tried to install gcc-3.2 on my Netwinder/woody/2.2.19. The installation
failed (stopped at some point) and after a reboot I got a lot of  
"unsupported llseek call standard" error messages.

According to the posting from P. Blundell this is due to interactions
between the (new) glibc 2.3 and the 2.2 kernel I'm using.

Now the big question: how can I resolve this mess?

1. I tried to install the kernel image 2.4.19 from www.tron.at, but

   dpk --install kernel-image-2.4.19-netwinder_2.4.19-1_arm.deb


2. I tried to remove the halfway installed gcc-3.2 with

   apt-get remove gcc-3.2,

   but without success.

   Removing the new libc6 also doesn't seem to be straightforward...



Stefan Wuerthner                             web  http://wuerthner.dyndns.org

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