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Very urgent

PHONE:+225 0749 3491.

I am Hon.Mrs.Blessing Guei from Republic of Cote D'
Ivoire.I was married to late Gen .Guei Robert the late
president who was killed during the uprising in
Abidjan-Cote D' Ivoire.we married for nineteen years
and i was the second wife before he was assissinated
on the 19th september 2002.We had a child (son)Samuel
A Guei.

Before his death i was a dedicated christian.And since
his death i decided not re-marry or get a child
outside my matrimonial home which i do not like
because my hunsband's family are all moslims not
believers in Jesus christ(God).

When my hunsband was alive he deposited the sum of
$8.5 million (eight million five hundred thousand
U.S.Dollars) with one security company in Abidjan
later transfered to London England .Presently,this
fund is still with the security company in london.

Recently,my doc tor told me that i would not last six
months time due to the cancer and stroke sickness am
facing.Having known my condition i decided to donate
this fund to the work of jesus christ that would be
Utilized to build churches and for orphanages,widows
and to propagate the word/work of Almighty God (Jesus
christ)in Africa/World.

The Holy Bible made me to understand that blessed are
the hands that gives than the hands that takes,i took
this decision brecause i have only one son and my
husband relatives are not christians and i don't want
my husband's efforts to be used by unbelievers.

I don't want a situation where this fund will be used
in an ungodly way. Conclusively,this is why i have
taken this decision.I know where i am going.I know
that i am going to be in the bosom of jesus christ in
peace,I don't need any telephone communication in this
regard for now because of my health and my husband's
relatives are always a round me.

I don't want them to know about this development.With
God all things are possible. As soon as i receive your
reply i shall give you the contact of the security
company in Abidjan and London,I will also issue you an
authorisation letter.

Please you can contact my son through the above phone
number and the same e-mail address.

please always contact me on this e-mail
address.Hoping to hear from you soonest. Best regards,

Hon.Mrs.Blessing Guei.

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