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Re: Build a library for program which is cross compile for arm

On Tue 07 Jan, yan xinbo wrote:
> > yeop - that's right. Or on debian you can use
> > dpkg-cross to install
> > pre-compiled arm libraries and headers for the
> > compiler to use.
> > e.g something like: 
> >   dpkg-cross --arch arm --install libgmp2-dev
> > 
> > I don't know if such a facility exists for Red-hat
> > systems. You can still
> > download the debian precompiled arm library binaries
> > and install them
> > manually to avoid the compiler-update problem.
> Thanks for your help .
> I have searched on google and I still cannot find
> one.Could you recommend me some sites?

You can get a binary library package from here:

If by 'it' you mean an arm cross gcc 2.95.4 then I don't actually know.
Emdebian is working on an update but it's not done yet.

Check out http://www.hadhelds.org
all of which have arm cross toolchains. they certainly have some gcc 3.2's
and maybe a 2.95.4 (if gcc3.2 causes problems for you)

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