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Targetting an embedded ARM chip?

I'm thinking of maybe using gcc to compile the code for this embedded ARM device I'm working with.

I expect to be getting a netwinder soon from one of the list members here, and so wouldn't even have to cross-compile. But what I would need to do is make an executable that's in the format for uploading to a flash rom.

I have a windows-based development system the vendor supplied me with, it includes a flash upload utility. I'm not sure what it wants for its format, maybe just a file of raw code, but I'm sure the vendor would tell me if I asked (it might already be in the doc I have).

I know some people use gcc set up as a cross-compiler for various kinds of embedded work. My question is how to link the code into the right executable format. Does anyone here know where I can find information about that?

I know the GNU ld can be customized with some manner of script, so maybe I can do it with the standard ld. Or maybe there is a special GNU linker for embedded work.

There is a small quantity of assembly code involved but it's short enough that it wouldn't be hard to hand-translate it into gas' idea of assembly syntax.

Thanks for any tips you can give me,

Michael D. Crawford
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