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Re: Cool new pic of my Netwinder running Debian!

In fact, that is how I upgraded my tulip driver. I just thought
I'd be emphatic about it because it is a lot easier to do it
in the original state and it caused me some small hair-pulling.

Point taken, I think I will revise the text slightly.... Done!

I linked to the FAQ entry, hope thats ok.

- Doug

Ralph Siemsen wrote:
Great stuff!  I like the picture, great publicity shot!

Only one comment - regarding the tulip upgrade.  Your pages give the
indication that once the firmware is updated, it becomes impossible to
update the tulip eeprom.  However this is not actually the case -- the
only issue is getting the kernel to insmod the tulip_upgd module, and
this has nothing to do with the version of nettrom firmware.  You can
boot 2.2.17 kernel with firmware 2.3.3 and then insmod tulip-upgd-2.2.17.o
and everything will work fine, for example.  Insmod -f will do as well.

Ralph Siemsen

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