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I'm trying to get the citrix ICA client for arm linux running. I've got it
installed and given it the libraries it wants but it barfs with either a
mysterious 'Error 12 has occurred' or  segfaults (depending which of two
binaries you try).

Next thing to do is run strace to see what it was doing for a possible

However this leads me to find that strace is not behaving as I expect. For
any binary I give it it tells me that  execve <name of binary>  happened
but then no more system calls are traced - the traced binary just runs and
outputs whatever it normally would.

This is on a RiscPC (rev-S strongarm).

Am I being dumb with some config option or does the woody version of strace
have a problem? I suspect the former - someone tell me what I'm doing

strace version is 4.4-1.2

I've also found a selection of other things wrong with woody-on-riscpc,
some of which I'll no doubt be bugging you all about in due course :-)
But on the whole it seems a great improvement over potato-on-riscpc - well
done all, especially phil.

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