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Re: Stuck with Nettrom 2.1.16

Ralph Siemsen <ralphs@netwinder.org> writes:

>> I know. But I meant that they boot into redhat so I can acutally try
>> the upgrade.
> The only things needed to upgrade are the nwflash kernel module, and
> the flashwrite executable (and glibc).  It should work fine from a
> singleuser or shell-only boot.

I managed to hand-hold it through an init=/bin/sh install long enough to reprogram the
tulip srom and flash in nettrom 2.3.3 and from there on it was plain sailing...

Woody is now happily installing! Apart from a few minor tidbits...[1]

Thanks a lot to  debian-arm and debian-boot folk and you!


The debian-arm installation notes have a todo item on specifying
how to tell Nettrom to boot Debian. I only had to change
kernfile to be "/vmlinuz".

update-menus is segfaulting

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