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Re: installing Woody on a NetWinder

Hello. I'm running Debian on my Netwinder. The image you want
should be here:


This image can be tftp-booted and will do a network install
of Debian for you.

You need to do a couple of things first:

(1) Upgrade your Tulip firmware. This is very important to do
    first as the module is made for the 2.0x kernel. Find out
    how here:

(2) Possibly upgrade your Netwinder firmware. I have rev 2.33
    which works well for me. Read the firmware HOWTO here:

Once you have accomplished this, then go and boot the rescue.bin
image. It should work with little trouble, you may need to correct
the net-install directories as last time I installed they were
wrong. Couple other minor glitches like you may need to recompile
your kernel to get 16bpp with the framebuffer, not sure if this
has been fixed yet or not. Otherwise it works great! More or less
just like X86 Debian except on a Netwinder.

Xavier Bestel wrote:

I have a NetWinder (still with RedHat installed) I want to convert to
Woody. Is there an installation disk-image or something, somewhere ?



Cc: me

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