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Re: Install from harddisk on netwinder OS

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Marcel Hicking wrote:

> >> Guess I got the wrong image. But where would I find the correct one?
> >> Or am I missled here completely? It looked quite nice this way...
> >
> > It might be easier to simply use the Woody install image, all you have to
> > do is tftpboot it, and proceed.
> What would I need? A RARP server? BOOTP? DHCP?
> I just hoped I could go without having to learn
> all about network booting. Sigh.

Someone was talking about updating the documentation for this.  Not
certain if it happend or where it is...  But, all you need is to run a
tfpt server for a short time.  Something along the the following lines in
the NeTTrom should work, going from memory:
	setenv eth0_config flash
	setenv eth0_ip <IP/n>
	setenv kernconfig tfpt
	setenv kerntftpserver <server IP>
There might be one other kern* option forget, should be fairly evident if
you need it.  Ignore the root* options they will not be used by the Debian
tftpboot image.


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