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Re: Need help with uml-utilities

I have a custom kernel-headers deb package for 2.4.16
on my web page http://webpages.charter.net/bdhilton/arm.html
but I am not a Debian developer (yet) and I just made it for my
Netwinder. I made it with make-kpkg, and it is a lot better
than the default debian netwinder kernel.

I can try to build a newer kernel if you want, I have a
Netwinder here that is running Debian. I'd give you a shell
account but I have charter.net and they are not very cool
about running servers. If you want to set up something send
me a private email.

- Doug

Philip Blundell wrote:
On Fri, 2002-04-05 at 04:05, Matt Zimmerman wrote:


uml-utilities has built successfully everywhere except ARM; the problem
seems to be old or lacking kernel headers.  Is there any way to get it built
with different kernel headers, or do I have to exclude ARM?

There are no newer kernel headers packaged for ARM at this time.  Your
best bet would be to ship an appropriate version of if_tun.h (or
whatever the offending one is) as part of the uml-utilities source.

Alternatively, if you are just concerned about getting 20020320-2 into
testing, you could file against ftp.debian.org requesting removal of the
old 20020125-1 arm binary.


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