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Re: Bug#139043: [ARM] Please mention conflict with "noinitrd" boot option

Chris Tillman wrote:

On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 07:06:14AM -0500, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 3.0.10-2002-03-14


Users of current netwinder 2.4 kernels must boot with option "noinitrd" in the cmdappend NeTTRom firmware variable. Unfortunately, this disables the loading of the initrd when netbooting from the rescue image. Please mention the need to remove noinitrd when booting this system.

Thank you,

-Adam P.

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I would be happy to put something in, but can you be more specific? You don't have to put together a formal patch, just give me some words I can cut and the section of the manual I should paste it into.

Okay. I'll need some help from the debian-arm list though, since I just looked at the the docs, and IMO there should be a lot more info there which could use some feedback (and one thing which I need help on).

Let's start with section 5.4, "Booting from TFTP," here's my suggestion:

Booting from the network requires that you have a network connection supported by the boot floppies, including either a static network address or a DHCP server, and also a TFTP server. RARP or BOOTP servers may also be needed for non-NetWinder machires. The installation method to support TFTP booting is described in (link)Preparing Files for TFTP Net Booting, Section 4.4.

On NetWinder machines, the 10Mbps NE2000-compatible card is interface eth0 and the 100Mbps Tulip card is interface eth1. NOTE: You need NeTTrom 2.2.1 or later to boot the installation system. NeTTrom 2.3.3 is recommended: get it from |<tt>ftp://ftp.netwinder.org/devteam/andrewm/redhat/RPMS/| </tt>. After rebooting and interrupting the boot process during the countdown, you must first configure the network either with a static address:

   NeTTrom command-> setenv eth0_ip

where 24 is the number of set bits in the netmask, or a dynamic address:

   NeTTrom command-> (I don't know how to do this)

You may also need to configure the <tt>route1</tt> settings if the tftp server is not on the local subnet. The rest of the config is pretty standard (the save-all step is optional):

   NeTTrom command-> setenv netconfig_eth0 flash
   NeTTrom command-> setenv kerntftpserver
   NeTTrom command-> setenv kerntftpfile tftpboot.img
   NeTTrom command-> save-all
   NeTTrom command-> setenv kernconfig tftp

Only the last of these interferes with normal disk booting, so it is safe to save-all right before it, which will store the network settings in case you need to boot from the network again. Use the "printenv" command to review your environment settings. Finally, if your "cmdappend" NeTTrom variable has the "noinitrd" option (which is necessary to boot 2.4 kernels), you must remove it so the downloaded kernel can boot with its attached ramdisk.

On CATS machines, use <tt>boot de0:</tt> or similar at the Cyclone prompt.

Okay. This is kind of NetWinder-centric, but that's what I have so others can add their subarch's stuff. Section 4.4 should also be modified:

< You need to setup a RARP server or a BOOTP or a DHCP server, as well as a TFTP server. > You need to setup a TFTP server, and for non-NetWinder machines, a RARP server, a BOOTP server, or a DHCP server.



-Adam P.

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