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Re: CerfCube


All I see in the install dir...


... is cats, lart, netwinder, and riscpc.

There is, however, a generic arm disk image tarball


So maybe with the tarball and a kernel you could
get moving. Debian's patched Arm kernel 2.4.16
source appears to have a default config for the
cerfcube so it might be worth a try.

I happen to have the (patched) Debian 2.4.16 kernel
source handy as I am currently compiling my hopefully
"ultimate" Netwinder kernel. Be sure to get the
Debian Source, and the Debian Arm Patch.

If you have to ftp manually look in:

There will be two directories,

I assume you are cross compiling from another
Debian system. If not you will have to research
how to apply the patches or install the debs

I could probably ftp upload a tarball of the source
to you if you provide me with someplace to
put it. This would have all the required patches
already installed. Need ~25MB of space.

Within the source directory, I see an entry for the
cerfcube in /usr/src/linux/arch/arm/def-configs

Just copy the file "cerfcube" to "/usr/src/linux/.config"

That will provide some reasonable defaults for the
machine. I did likewise for my netwinder. Then
make config, make menuconfig, or make xconfig
as you normally do.

You may need to enable "Hot Plug" in General
Configuration if you get those
Error ... discarded segment ... .text.exit. errors
at final link time. I'd suggest you enable it and save
yourself the aggrivation.

Figured I'd provide what info I know since I'm
currently online. A more experienced Debian
Arm developer could probably provide much
better help.

- Doug

Ian Cooper wrote:

>Has anyone tried using Debian/ARM on a CerfCube
>(cerfcube.intrinsyc.com)?  I would like to have the device boot off of
>an IBM Microdrive.  Should I just be able to recompile the kernel and
>modify the kernel commandline to use "root=/dev/hda1"?  Please help.
>Ian Cooper - ian@wpi.edu

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