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Re: Netwinder stable install is messed up bad!

Ah well I guess everything is ok. (Grumble) Hey what
do you expect for an exotic box like a netwinder?

A simple "modprobe ne2k", "ifup eth0" and "route ..."
got me crankin. Well, I'm going to bed. The netwinder
can download without my help.


B. Douglas Hilton wrote:

After flashing my system to nettrom 2.3.3 now only the 10bT
ethernet is detected at boot. Ok, but upon booting, the
kernel vmlinuz-2.2.19-netwinder is bombing out with a
"No such device" error for eth0. This makes it pretty tough to
do the install since the Netwinder doesn't have floppy
or cdrom drives and relies on network for everything.

Also, the old Debian file "rescue_netwinder.bin" is about
invaluable as it is the only thing I've found so far that
works right over tftp, but it was hidden somewhere and
is hard to find on the mirrors. That file should be all over
the place :-)

Otherwise, I'll get this, but it is a botched install.

- Doug

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