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X Servers on ARM (CATS)

I am trying to get an Xserver running on an CATS system, and cannot
seem to get any to start. I have a nvidia TNT2, and an SIS 82C326
graphics card to try. I have tried 2.2r4 with the SVGA X and with 3.0
with the svga and sis drivers.

The machine seems to hang somewhere in the initialisation sequence 
before the desktop is entered and needs to be reset to do anything else.

base spec:
	40Gb HD
	DEC Tulip ether
	64Mb RAM
	Linux 2.2.19 (debian 2.2r4)

The install on this machine is fresh, and nothing else has been tried.

Has anyone had any success with SVGA cards on an ARM system? If so,
which ones and what configuration where you running?

Any help appreciated.

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