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Re: Anjuta requires compilation on arm

On Tue, 2002-01-15 at 21:37, Rob Bradford wrote:
> Right, so buildd.debian.org is just lying to me, okay :)

Well, not necessarily.  All that site shows you is the latest log it
received from the autobuilder.  It's entirely possible that someone else
might have compiled the package by hand and uploaded it, in which case
the buildd will just quietly forget about it.  And it's not unheard-of
for transient mail problems to stop some of the logs from reaching the

Your first port of call should always be madison, quinn-diff,
update-excuses or the hall of shame page -- pretty much anything except
buildd.debian.org in fact.  The buildd site is only useful once you've
established that a package really is out of date, and you're trying to
work out what the problem is.


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