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mpqc-2.0.0/blas configure error


I got a strange buildd log for mpqc-2.0.0-2 on arm:


The blas library gets installed properly:

 Setting up blas1 (1.0-9) ...
 Setting up blas-dev (1.0-9) ...

but afterwards, configure can't find it:

 checking for daxpy_... no
 checking for daxpy_ in -lessl... no
 checking for daxpy_ in -lblas... no
 checking for daxpy_ in -lf77blas... no
 WARNING: Could not link to the BLAS library.  It can be obtained at
 http://www.netlib.org/blas.  Use --with-libdir and/or --with-libs
 to specify the name of the library.
 configure: error: BLAS is required to complete the build

This part (checking for daxpy_ in -lblas... yes) works for all other
arches except arm. 

Could somebody please have a look at it or let me have a look at it
myself or provide me with the config.log output?



PS: Please CC me as I am not on this list

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