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Re: No network under Netwinder install

On Tuesday 04 December 2001 08:57 am, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> Does the 10 socket not work with the ne2k-pci driver?  Or do you just
> prefer to use the 10/100 because it's faster?  (I use the 10 socket with
> ne2k-pci because my school hasn't upgraded to 100 yet.)
> Zeen,

It did not work.  It doesn't work after the install, either, for the same 

netwinder:~# insmod ne2k-pci
Using /lib/modules/2.2.19/net/ne2k-pci.o
/lib/modules/2.2.19/net/ne2k-pci.o: unresolved symbol ei_open
/lib/modules/2.2.19/net/ne2k-pci.o: unresolved symbol ethdev_init
/lib/modules/2.2.19/net/ne2k-pci.o: unresolved symbol ei_interrupt
/lib/modules/2.2.19/net/ne2k-pci.o: unresolved symbol NS8390_init
/lib/modules/2.2.19/net/ne2k-pci.o: unresolved symbol ei_close


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