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* 0.95-3 (arm) (latest build at Nov 6 17:06: given-back)

Hello, ...

I am the maintainer of the ocaml, lablgl and lablgtk packages, which have
build dependencies between themselves (lablgtk depends on lablgl which depends
on ocaml).

I found out that lablgtk was never built because it depended on a version of
lablgl build with an older and incompatible version of ocaml. I fixed the
build dependencies so this don't happen again, and am now checking for the
status of the upload, so there is again a lablgtk in testing.

Now, at : 


I see : 

File `log' in lablgl_0.95-3_arm (Nov 6 17:06)
lablgl >> 0.95-3 >> Nov 6 17:06 >> log

Automatic build of lablgl_0.95-3 on rameau by sbuild/arm 1.159
Build started at 20011106-1706
Checking available source versions...
Can't find source for lablgl_0.95-3
(only different version(s) 0.95-2 found)
Giving back package lablgl_0.95-3 after failure in fetch-src stage.
wanna-build failed with status 256
Finished at 20011106-1706
Build needed 00:00:00, 0k disk space

I suppose, this means that 0.95-2 was in the source mirror used by the build
daemon or something such. This seem strange to me, since how could it attempt
to build lablgl_0.95-3 if the source for 0.95-3 were not available.

It is true that sources for 0.95-1 (in testing but obsolet) and 0.95-2 (hppa
binary packages only) are in the source repository.

That said, Will the autobuilder try again later on, or is some human action
needed for this to work ?


Sven Luther

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