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Re: gnome-pilot anyone?

 First the good news: with gnome-pilot 0.1.63, it works!

Bdale Garbee wrote:

hazelsct@mit.edu (Adam C Powell IV) writes:

As we say in New York, "Akhaa!" The problem seems to be serial permissions: my Debian Intel, PPC and Alpha boxes all have root.dialout 660 for /dev/ttyS*, but the Netwinder has root.root 640.

Is there a reason for this?  Or is this a makedev bug on ARM alone?

Seems unlikely to be a makedev bug, since it's binary-all at the moment, and there's no special per-arch handling of serial ports that I can remember.
More likely something else poked the permissions?

I've never touched these permissions. What else could have done that? Does anyone else have these broken permissions, or is it just on my machine because I installed in 9/99 when this port was still in its infancy (okay, learning to walk :-)?

Just making sure,

-Adam P.

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