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Re: installing on RiscPC

On Wed 17 Oct, Philip Blundell wrote:
> >For RISCOS stuff we can manage a few useful things in the 'no more than a
> >couple of hundred quid, or swap for some hardware' range, but as it doesn't
> >really bring in any significant money we can't justify any more at the
> >moment. If we get some more lucrative bespoke work then I'd certainly like
> >to spend a bit of it on risc-pc related stuff.

> I see.  Well, if you have a spare RiscPC you can lend me, I don't think it
> would take very long to fix LinLoader so that it works.

no problem. I've got a small pile here. I even have one with a strongarm and
ARMLinux installed you can have for a while. Sort out the transfer
off-list. I've got an arm610 one you can have on permanent load for
test/fettling purposes.

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