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Re: installing on RiscPC

On Fri 05 Oct, Philip Blundell wrote:
> > The author thinks it is sufficiently free and doesn't want to change it
> > (see previous mail). So can we include this or not? Any good arguments
> > for persuading the author that in fact the licence isn't free? part of
> > this software is needed by boot-floppies - just putting the software in
> > non-free isn't going to help this aspect as I presume it's no good having
> > b-f build-depends on something in non-free. Perhaps we could find te
> > resources to re-implement that bit...
> I don't actually think the amount of resource required would be all that
> great. Does Aleph One have any spare cash to fund this kind of work?

For RISCOS stuff we can manage a few useful things in the 'no more than a
couple of hundred quid, or swap for some hardware' range, but as it doesn't
really bring in any significant money we can't justify any more at the
moment. If we get some more lucrative bespoke work then I'd certainly like
to spend a bit of it on risc-pc related stuff.

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