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Re: installing on RiscPC

On Tue 04 Sep, Phil Blundell wrote:
> >as it basically worked. Given that rmk has mostly lost interest in the RiscPC
> >these days he may well now be happy to fully free this code so we can just
> >use that?
> Did you ask him about this?

Yes, but got no answer. I just poked him and got the response below, which
I think means no, he doesn't want to change the license, and it's doesn't
agree it's non-free. he could be right - I suggest we ask debian-legal to
give a ruling.

On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 03:08:03PM +0100, Wookey wrote:
> > 2. You may modify the sources at your own will. However, if you modify
> >    the sources or use the sources in your own programs, you must give
> >    due credit to the original author which must be visible to the user
> >    of your program.
> Whilst of course no-one has any desire to remove due credit for your work,
> this sort of restriction is not permitted. (A license can say that the
> license terms must be transferred unchanged to any sub-licensees, but they
> do not allow upstream to restrict the right of source code modification).

In what way is this different from the Berne convention which guarantees
that no one is allowed to remove any copyright notices without prior
consent of the copyright holder.  You cannot "not permit" the Berne
convention from applying - its over and above any and all licenses.

About the only restrictions I have placed on it are:

1. Modifications should come back to me.  This is to prevent the current
   situation where people have long outstanding patches against the Linux
   kernel sitting around that we, as a community, never see.  If anything,
   this is a requirement I want to tighten up.

2. There are two places where "credit" can be given:
   a) in the headers on files.
   b) by the program itself.

   I choose that (b) should always be present, so, if you use the partition
   backend, and write a new front end, I'd like the front end to acknowledge
   by copyright on the library.

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