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Help needed: r-base fails with its Bessel functions


Apart from arm, most major (?) archs now have r-base [1] packages. R-base
fails during 'make check'; Othmar kindly rebuild the package by hand and
sent me the pertinent log output which is in the attached mail. For reference,
documentation on the hundreds of R packages typically comes with examples
which can be evoked with the example() command. For 'make check', all of
these are run via some Perl magic. The error occurs in the examples for the
Bessel family of special functions [2]. The code for these Bessel function
comes from src/nmath/bessel*.c and AFAICT not from the glibc. 

Could you Arm experts look into this?  Is there a genuine Arm floating point
issue hiding?

Feel free to pester me with R related questions, I'd be happy to relay this
back to the R project.


[1] R is a wonderful stats and data analysis "system"; a GNU implementation
of the S language for which its creator got the ACM Software Systems award
previously given for such things as tcp/ip, postscript, tex, .... See the
website at www.r-project.org

[2] If you have a (non-arm) box with r-base handy, try "help(Bessel)" and
"example(Bessel)"; the graphs from the examples are very pretty.

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On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 11:56:34AM -0500, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> Ja, genau das hatte ich im build log gesehen. Kannst Du mir mal schnell
> base-Ex.Rout schicken? 

also hier steht:

> matplot(nu, t(outer(xx,nu, besselI)), type = 'l', ylim = c(-50,200),
+         main = expression(paste("Bessel ",I[nu](x)," for fixed ", x,
+                                 ",  as ",f(nu))),
+         xlab = expression(nu))
Error in title(main = main, sub = sub, xlab = xlab, ylab = ylab, ...) : 
        Metric information not yet available for this device
In addition: Warning messages: 
1: Nonfinite axis limits [GScale(nan,nan,1, .); log=0] 
2: relative range of values = 9.0072e+15 * EPS, is small (axis 1). 
3: Nonfinite axis limits [GScale(-inf,inf,2, .); log=0] 
4: relative range of values = 9.0072e+15 * EPS, is small (axis 2). 
Execution halted

so long

PS: ich fahr nachhause aber in einer stunde les ich wieder mails.

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