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Re: Q: reiserfs on debian-arm

On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 11:53:51AM +0200, Tilman Schoop wrote:
> has anyone experiences with using reiserfs
> for a flashdisk on an arm based board?
> We tried to compile Linux kernel 2.4.2-rmk1-np3
> with reiserfs support and tried to boot it
> with a reiserfs root filesystem on the flashdisk.
> But when it wants to mount the root filesystem
> the kernel crashes with an alignment error.

Linux-2.4.2 contains a couple of known reiserfs errors that *will*
corrupt your files.

> So my question at the moment is,
> is there anyone who has reiserfs running
> in an ARM Linux kernel?

AFAIK the handhelds.org folks run it on their skiffcluster machines.
Reiserfs on a flash is a wast of space: reiserfs always uses 32MB for
its journal, flash disks are usually not large enough for that. You'd
better use JFFS2 for MTD flash devices or ext3 for self-contained flash

> Is the problem be solved by one of the newer
> kernel versions?

Always use the latest stable kernel.


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