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Re: dselect: undo selection

In message <efb1048c4a.Leo@lsmiers.chello.nl>
          Leo Smiers <l.smiers@chello.nl> wrote:

> Hi
> I have just screwed up my system a bit. By accident (ignorence) I selected
> 'remove package' for the lib6c package in deselect. Fortunatly I noticed this
> before I did update the packages. The package (and all it depend packages) 
> is still on my system. To make things worse I exicited dselect with CTRL-C
> to prevent the removal of all those packages.
> The problem now is that whenever I start dselect it still shows the last
> changes I made to my selection. This is obviously not what I want. Is there
> a way that I can force dselect to do a rescan of the installed packages so
> that I can use dselect again to install/upgrade my system.

Probably the easiest idea is to reselect all the packages to keep - if
you do this on a whole section (the row at the top), then you'll only
need to do it a few times.


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