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Re: debconf errors

Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> The only error I've seen from yesterday's testing that hasn't yet 
> been reported (or I missed it) is that debconf now complains as 
> follows.
> debconf: failed to initialize frontend: Slang
> debconf: (Unable to load Term::Stool) -- is libterm-stool-perl
> installed?)
> You get this both in bf and in base-config.
> Whether or not we want the slang interface, we should probably deal 
> with the errors since they don't inspire warm fuzzies. 

The warning messages are dealt with, in unstable. But that debconf will
not make it into testing until the perl in unstable does, and it's hung
up with odd build failures on arm (that look like build daemon problems
more than package bugs).

see shy jo

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