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Q: fp problems with glibc on debian arm

Hi there,

I have installed a debian ARM distribution (2.2 potato)
on my arm sa1100 board.
Seems to run as far. But I have a problem with the glibc
which is included in the distribution.
The function atof does not work!

A small test program containing the following lines:

    value = atof("1.0");
    printf("atof: str \"1.0\" --> value %f\n", value);
    value = atof("-1.0");
    printf("atof: str \"-1.0\" --> value %f\n", value);

atof: str "1.0" --> value -1.998966
atof: str "-1.0" --> value -1.998966

instead of:
atof: str "1.0" --> value 1.000000     
atof: str "-1.0" --> value -1.000000

Does anyone know what is wrong here? Is there a configuration
fault in my system? or do I have to recompile the glibc and
substitute the one of the distribution?

Thanks in advance for any hint



Tilman Schoop
DSA, Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH
Email: ts@dsa-ac.de

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