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Problems with 2.2.19

Hello Philip

After installing the 2.2.19 (riscpc) kernel last weekend I am having a
problem with the 'find' utility (Mind you there are also other programs that
abort with a segment violation like 'gnome-wm').

The problem is that find aborts with a segment violation. The problem is
continuus eg it happens every time when I do the following actions:

1 login as root (or any other user)
2 cd /usr
3 find . -name leo -print
4 gives the following 'system dump' (is this the correct linux name?)
Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address ef9f0030
*pgd=00000000, *pmd=00000000
Internal error: Oops 2
now the registers follow
now a stack dump follows.

I haven't included the register and stack dump because maybe it is just a
setting which I need to alter and I have to copy them by hand.
So can I solve this by altering some setting?

mind you when I use the 2.2.16-rmk3 kernel find works fine.

My system is a RISC PC with 48MB RAM, 2 MB VRAM and has an StrongArm with the
STM bug (this seemed to be important for netbsd-arm32, is this also important
for linux?).

I hope I have given enough info. If you need the register values and/or
stack I will send them to this email list.



Leo Smiers
System specialist FB/SP             bv Nederland Haarlem
!PDF 0.73a | !Flash        http://members.ams.chello.nl/l.smiers

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