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Re: updated ARM hall of shame

In message <E14o36R-0003Bu-00@kings-cross.london.uk.eu.org>
          Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org> wrote:

> I think I see what's happened with xshipwars.  The -1 package failed to build, 
> and -1.1 didn't contain any relevant changes so it was marked as "failed" without 
> ever attempting to be built.
> I've removed the version number specifier from the links now, which should 
> avoid this problem.  I also added a hack to tag non-free and contrib packages 
> as such, though I'm not sure that's completely reliable.

Is the joystick package suffering a similar problem? (can't find

What the appropriate action for things like 'kernel-image-sparc' which
shouldn't be build for ARM?


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