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Re: Bug#85629: please add acorn/ps2.uk keymap

On Wed 11 Apr, Yann Dirson wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 10:35:33PM +0100, Philip Blundell wrote:
> > >* this seems to imply that the ARM port needs to distinguish between
> > >sub-archs, just as ppc and 68k

> > Yes.  As far as keyboard maps are concerned, there are only two flavours:
> > most  ARM machines use PC keyboards, but a few use this "acorn" mapping.

> > The machines that need the "acorn" keymap will have Hardware:
> > Acorn-RiscPC,  Acorn-A5000 or Acorn-Archimedes.  The others that are
> > supported by Debian,  which need the PC keymap, are Chalice-CATS and
> > Rebel-NetWinder.

Actually, there is also the Psion 5/5mx/5mxPro. These need a different
keyboard mapping too (which exists). They aren't yet supported by Debian in
any real sense, but people are working on making them so. Whilst you are
messing with this stuff, adding them in would be a good idea.

I'm sure someone on this list can provide a psion5 keymap - there should be
french german uk and us variants.

I agree that proper subarch support is a good idea - there are now
60-something arm architectures registered in the kernel code. Lots of them
don't have keyboards, and many aren't very good targets for Debian, but still
we need a consistent way of checking which one is in use. Checking the
Hardware string is probably as good as any.

> I'll only distinguish the special case of these machines needing
> keymap translation, against the others: they will be 'arm/riscpc', and
> the other ones will stay as 'arm':

>     my $isRiscPc = (system ("grep", "^Hardware *: Acorn-", "/proc/cpuinfo") == 0);

make this test case insensitive - it's already changed once and that broke
bootfloppies for a while.

> > >A detailed description of the keymap will be necessary anyway; see
> > >/usr/share/debhelper/dh-consoledata/templates/keymaps for the
> > >definition of the console-data/keymap/* questions.

> > I don't personally have any information beyond what's in the kmap file.
> > I've asked on the debian-arm mailing list to see if there are any
> > volunteers to provide the details.

> I still don't have a good description of this keymap, sent to me as
> "acorn/ps2.uk", which I'll include as "riscpc/riscpc-uk.kmap" unless
> someone objects.

> Should it really be "acorn" and not "riscpc" ?  I may be intoducing
> confusion here...

It's a difficult issue I've dithered about myself. Everyone involved knows
what is mean by the 'Acorn' architecture, but as Acorn itself is defunct and
the machines are still being made by Castle, it's less than ideal. 'Riscos'
is a reasonable generic term for these machines. Also there is the point that
Acorn-A5000 and Acorn-Archimedes can potentially have a different mapping to
'Acorn-RiscPC' (or have we given up on that argument and are leaving them all
the same?) There are also a load of other riscos machines that could run
Debian (the RiscStation already does, for example). I'm not sure if they have
the Acorn- architecture keymaps or PC style ones...

It depends how you are trying to sort your keyboard maps? You can simply have
a dir for each different system 'riscpc','A5000', 'riscstation', 'psion5',
psion7 (these may have matching keymaps), or you may want broader categories
with various machine-keymaps inside? In that case 'riscpc' is not a god
top-level choice - it should be 'acorn' or 'riscos' (the latter being broader
but perhaps slightly less obvious).


I'll fish out my collection of risc-pc keymaps and send you them (I think
there are uk and german variants)

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