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Re: gmon_start

>Presumably this prob started sometime in 2.2r2?

Potato isn't affected at all, only woody and sid.  It started when glibc 2.2 
was first introduced.

>Phil has provided a fix (it a good job someone understands all this stuff!)
>with an /etc/ls.so.preload that fettles things (does it fix up the binary?).
>Which I understand to be effective. How should this be installed in the
>system - should it be added to some base package - which one? ldso? When
>might we be able to safely remove it again?

No, it doesn't fix the binary; it just provides a run-time bodge to prevent 
the crash.  I'd prefer it not to be packaged at all, but if this does turn out 
to be necessary it should go in a new package of its own.

>for example (I'll do it if someone gives me a clue), or would this mean
>bumping the version numbers of half the distribution and doing hundreds of
>NMUs which might be more trouble than the problem?

You have to bump the version number for a recompile, but only by 0.1 (for a 
binary-only NMU) which shouldn't cause too much disruption.  I was planning to 
leave it for a bit in hopes that a lot of the broken binaries would be flushed 
away by new versions appearing.


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