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Re: Bug#85629: keymap for RiscPC

> drivers/acorn/char/keyb_ps2.c

OK - but that looks like it took the i386 code, and simplified
it to the bones, and applied a transformation to turn PC codes
into old Acorn codes.
Maybe the author was more familiar with Acorn codes, or maybe
this is useful for compatibility.

Let me cc Russell King.

Russell, I do not know anything about RiscPC or Acorn keyboards,
but people are unhappy because they have a PC keyboard and would
like to apply PC keymaps, while this driver first maps symbols
away, so that users have to undo this driver translation before
they can use a PC keymap.

Can this change? Or is there a good reason?
Why does keyb_ps2.c have this keycode_translate[]?


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