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Re: more __gmon_start__ afflictions

In message <[🔎] E14ab5M-0003XP-00@pig.labs.futuretv.com>
          Philip Blundell <pb@futuretv.com> wrote:

> Philip Blundell writes:
> >I think the versions of login and sudo in the archive now should be OK.  Cron 
> >and passwd are probably still broken but I'll try to upload replacements for 
> >those today.
> Who let this idiot loose?  Passwd and login are of course both part of the 
> same package (shadow).  So the former should be bug-free as well.

Yes, I was going to make a similar comment regarding my pointing out
passwd was broken, but thought better of it :-)

Well, the versions I have now work, which is good.  I've installed a
potato mkfontdirs binary, and that seems ok for the time being, and has
finally allowed the packages to configure.  X4 seems slightly broken
though, I haven't investigated this fully yet.

Is there any identifier I can look for to check for any other broken
binaries on my system, with the misbehaving binutils?


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