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Re: updated libc6, perl and apt packages?

On Sat, 3 Mar 2001, Christian T. Steigies wrote:

> And how does that help the m68k problems, please? Can you build apt on an
> arm for m68k? Or on hurd?

Ah, see this was on the ARM list so I just assumed you were an ARM person.
I don't keep track of everyone's architecture :P

> If you had looked at the build log, you would have noticed, that I tried
> building with the latest sbuild, on kullervo, that all build-depends were
> fulfilled but still the build failed. So its a bug in the package.

No, as I said before, there is some bug in the SGML stuff that causes it
to get internally corrupted, and gives an error similar to what you saw.
The person doing MIPS reported the same thing and fixed it by
re-installing a bunch of SGML stuff.


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