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Re: compiler broken

In message <E14RYXE-0005Z7-00@kings-cross.london.uk.eu.org>
          Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org> wrote:

> >lkab 2.2.18 kernel doesn't boot for me - it appears to become upset at
> >not having drives on the internal IDE interface, and does't respond to
> >the normal ide0=0 parameters, evetually panicking because it can't find
> >the root partition, even though the location is adjusted in the boot
> >parameters.
> What device is your root filesystem actually on?  When you say `become upset', 
> do you just mean that it can't find your filesystem, or does it produce actual 
> error messages from the IDE driver?

It's on APDL interface, with root filesystem normally being hda4.  There
are errors about time outs on internal IDE - unsurprising, since there's
nothing on it - but this is normally suppressed on other kernels with
the flag above.  Without the suppression of course, the drive appears at
hdc, which might be ok, but it still panics when it can't find the root

> >all compilcations), but not under either 2.4 kernel I've tried.  And of
> >course the mystery error from inetd.
> Remind me again what that error is?

inetd: getrlimit: Function not implemented.

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