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Re: ARMLinux on ARM710 / Kinetic

On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Richard Atterer wrote:

> Does ARMLinux run on pre-StrongARM processors now (in my case, an
> ARM710 inside my RiscPC)? IIRC, there was some discussion about this a
> few months ago and somebody said "there are a few problems now, but it
> should work soon". So, does it?

There have been reports of some not-especially-distinctive failures
with ARM710s (apt-get segfaulting a lot, I think) -- I haven't heard
that they've been fixed at any point -- I think I asked for information
from whoever reported the problem and never received any.

Still, this would be as good a time as any to re-open an investigation. :-)

> On a related issue, are there any problems with those Kinetic upgrade
> cards from Castle? The upgrade consists of StrongARM + SDRAM on the
> processor card, IIRC under RISC OS there's a fallback to the (much
> slower) motherboard RAM once all the processor-card-RAM is used.

Yeah.  Some extra RAM bank information would need adding to the kernel,
which should be straightforward enough.  I think !Linux has a capability
to read this information and pass it through, actually.  I think Aleph One
are working on fixing it.


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