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Re: BUG: gcc broken

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 01:37:37PM +0100, Daniel Reuter wrote:
> Hello,
> On an x86 under heavy compilation this message is usually indicating 
> bad RAM, however I don't know, if this is also the case on an ARM
> (Suppose you're running an ARM, as you've mailed to the ARM-list),
> and I don't know, if this can also happen regularly with small programs.

I've got it on x86 when compiling big things and running out of swap.
(gcc eating all the memory also took out the net connection, the squid, bind,
netscape, nfs server and I think some other things)

I've got segvs out of lots of binaries on ARM, repeatably in the same place,
and then they run fine (with a couple of exceptions) some of which have been
traced to known bugs in K StrongARMs

> > when compiling even a simple Hello World c program,
> > 
> > cc: Internal compiler error: program cpp0 got fatal signal 11
> > 
> > gcc  2.95.3-4, running unstable

On what sort of machine? With what CPU? [and of what age?]
cat /proc/cpuinfo

might answer some of these.

Nicholas Clark

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