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ReiserFS Re: wanna-build progress report


When talking about ReiserFS, does it compile well with the arm kernel
nowdays? Last time I tried, about half a year ago there were some
bit-manipulation functions which in the i386 kernel were defined as
preprocessor macros, but as ordinary functions in arm. This made the
utils, like mkfs not that easy to compile. I had to compile the necesary
files in arch/arm... first, and then manually link the utils.

// M
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On Thu, 1 Feb 2001 at 03:34, Chris Rutter wrote:

> The list-all-packages page is now working again (PHP seems to have
> developed an aversion to things it used to accept over the past month),
> though sadly it only crawls down at about three times the speed of
> medusa -- around 2kB/s or so.  This is still pretty painful.  Possibly
> an opportunity to install ReiserFS or something.
> c.
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