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fakeroot-induced trouble


I'm trying to build a new kernel on my netwinder using make-kpkg.  I'm
building it as an ordinary user, authenticated via remote NIS server, in
/usr/src, the user is in group src and can write to this directory just
fine.  (Though I had to manually change the permissions of /usr/src,
because unlike my Debian boxes on other arches it was root,root instead
of root,src.  Is this a base-files bug on ARM?)

So, when I do "make-kpkg kernel_image", it starts up just fine, but when
I do "fakeroot make-kpkg kernel_image", it gets stuck in
dpkg-architecture before printing anything, with ps showing "[basename
<defunct>]" as the latest process (presumably run by
dpkg-architecture).  It sits here for hours with zero load.

Any ideas what might be causing this?  The same trick works on my other
NIS clients, though they're running potato...

Oh- I upgraded to testing a few days ago.


-Adam P.

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